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Posted by Lady86 Sep 8, 2017

Hello EXers. I am still here, and I'm happy to announce I'm a proud non smoker. 2 weeks will be 6 months for me. I couldn't have done it without the help and support here and the knowledge I fed myself. While being here consistently may help others I found it easier to pop by once in awhile.  Nothing personal whatsoever  I've been going through some tough situations and am glad I never reverted back to my old habits. I now do yoga and workout and that really helps. Take care everyone. And remember one day or 100 days it'll always be onward to freedom!!



Good morning (update)

Posted by Lady86 Jun 13, 2017

Hello and good morning my fellow EXers. Everything is well on my end I'm still protecting my quit and adding to my quit kit. I'd be lying if I said there isn't moments of "missing" it or having a struggle through some frustrations. It is getting less frequent of a thought. All that matters is in the end I say not today!! Gardening is really helping. I haven't let my guard down I know I'm still vulnerable. I don't remember who said it but a lady on here said sometimes the only reminder of smoking is being on here which is unfortunate but can be true hence my absence for a bit. It's nothing personal at all!!! I'm very thankful for this site and the wonderful people on it. Best wishes and happy thoughts to all 

Melissa  83 DOF    



Posted by Lady86 May 25, 2017

Hello EXers. I'm not on here much atm, I'm taking a small break from looking at screens and the internet. I just wanted you to know I'm doing well, I'm protecting my quit. 64 DOF and counting  I just need a bit of a break. All is well. Best wishes to everyone. Take care



Off champix

Posted by Lady86 Apr 25, 2017

Yesterday was my first day off champix after completing my 12 week course. I'm scared, happy, excited nervous and a whole bunch more feelings. In a sad way it became my crutch and now it's all me staying quit. I do credit it with assisting me. Between champix education and understanding it went quite well. It had some intense side effects and that I won't miss. 


DAY 13

Posted by Lady86 Apr 4, 2017

Morning all. I haven't been on here much, haven't really known what to say. Since Friday I have felt calm and at peace. The craving comes and goes, definitely not as intense or frequent anymore. Last week was a learning process for sure. I had to learn how to cope, deal and handle frustration, stress and emotions in a different manner.  I learnt more triggers I hadn't prepared for and now feel more confident should they arise again.  I take break at the non smoking outside areas at work. My hair and my hands smell amazing, I can smell things that I probably couldn't smell as well when I was a heavy smoker ex. Fresh spring rain the other day and BBQ food. I'd be lying if I said it's been or will be easy, but it does get easier. I find as each day of freedom passes, it's easier to turn my back on my old toxic fake "friend".  Hope all is well with whoever reads this. It's a struggle but it's one worth going through. One day at a time, education and support will help you. 

Say N.O.P.E (not one puff ever) today and for all days to come. 

Melissa ☺

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