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Wake up smell!!!

Posted by Eyes65 Aug 24, 2019

Today I had a craving.... Not a normal craving but a BAD one!!  After over 500 days.  Then one of my friends stopped by and lit a cigarette!!  Wow.. it was the worst smell in the world!!!  Craving gone!!! Thank you God for that ... I am so excited that I quit and so excited ex was apart of my journey!!! Love you guys!!!!


Day 365

Posted by Eyes65 Apr 1, 2019

I made it !!! I have never quit for a year!!!! I will never smoke another cigarette again in life!!!!  I am sooooo excited!!!



Posted by Eyes65 Aug 11, 2018

This has been my worst eeek!!!!  The craving are killing me.  They seem to be coming every hour!!! Please Please pray for me... I have NO intention of ever smoking again.  No I will never smoke again !! I have to sleep for them to subside but that is not an option!!!  Thanks in advance.


Day 48

Posted by Eyes65 May 19, 2018

Today made 48 days smoke free... I am so excited.  It has been difficult at times but with God’s help I have made it this far.  I have more energy and I can breathe better.  I can tell the difference.  I can smell everything good and bad.  I have taken a number of test and the results have not been as bad as they could have... to be honest they were truly better than I expected.  I have now realized I am suppose to share this experience and help others. My next major tests are in 6 months.  Being free of cigarettes is a great feeling and I will never ever take another puff!!!!!!  

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