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Smoking Kills: Bryan Story: "He wanted you to know" 

Novembet 6, 2011

I came here to this site and was given SUGGESTIONS to EDUCATE MYSELF on MY NICOTINE ADDICTION ONLY - not YOURS or anybody else - I was still full of PRIDE and NICOTINE FREE - yet - I was NOT like other nicotine addicts - I thought - I was different and didn't NEED other peoples HELP to learn how to stay QUIT - so the SUGGESTION to ME was to go to - I went there and back to this site for MY first 90 DAYS and at - I watched  Bryan video and it  - LEVELED MY PRIDE - and ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace and love -  He blessed ME with Bryan story at - which brought ME out of MY lieing to MY inner most SELF - I admitted to MYSELF that I was a NICOTINE ADDICT and I do NEED help from OTHER'S to be taught in GROWING up emotionally to be a MATURE woman - NOT a victim of MY childhood - I use to SMOKE over MY past and ONLY by Gods grace - He blessed ME with 34 YEARS in Alanon - Nivember 6 1986 and 33 YEARS sober in May 22 , 1987 and over 10 YEARS NICOTINE FREE on January 6 , 2011 and TODAY s.i.n.a.o. over ME - and this is - MY NEW LIFESTYLE

I wrote Bryan's wife and family in November 2011 to THANK them for posting HIS EARLY DEATH VIDEO STORY and that - He was used by MY Daddy God to SAVE MY life and I wrote that to his wife and family and they answered back and said they were glad that I quit smoking and thanked ME for letting them know - that was OVER 10 YEARS AGO