19 DAYS 

Blog Post created by indingrl on Feb 8, 2021

19 DAYS NO DESSERTS for coping with MY accepting life as a NON SMOKER dealing with - IT hapoens

MY daughter's car NO HEAT took her TWO weeks - 3 mechanic's and PTL yesterday she has HEAT - cost 360.00 and she does NOT have STRESS headache

Husband car ENGINE light on and he drove to shop and 600.00 was the cost to get it up and running for WORK - TODAY - PTL

MY car needed a jump to start - WE just bought NEW battery - MY husband says - IT happens in the winter - IT is what it is - CARS break down - batteries NEED a jump once in a while - and ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace WE did NOT stuff our FEELINGS DOWN OUR PIE HOLES to cope with - IT - happens - WE are grateful to have the means to PAY and WE are grateful WE have jobs and health and most of ALL - each other to CHEER on - WAY TO GO - handling LIFES ITS

Thanks for letting ME be ME


Ahhhhhj I hear the ground hog said SIX WEEKS spring will appear - laughing out loud -