Blog Post created by indingrl on Feb 3, 2021

Yahoooooo - MY ma received her flowers - 2-2-21 HYGANDRA bouquet that MY husband and I sent her with bday card n pic of ME -  which Jackie requested - so that when she reads card she will hold pic up of - WHO it is from - MY Ma is between here on earth and her real home which in in - HEAVEN and - it is MY ma - 89th bday on February 4th 2021 - which I have SHARED already - MY ma has been in hospice for 7 months now and is eating and drinking less and has pressure sores on her ears from laying in bed and I am SOOOOO grateful to MY Daddy God for blessing MY mama with the flowers - just sharing - that MY ma LOVES ALL kinds of flowers - I am grateful the card and pic and flowers arriving early

Jackie group text yesterday about-  Ma eating a piece of German chocolate cake with some milk and Jackie ate royal velvet cake - which is wonderful to hear - yet bittersweet for ME - I have NO blueprint on EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL MATURITY - when it comes to - MY ma slowly dying in a hospice environment for 7 months - so I blog BEFORE - eating donuts cakes pies cookies ALL at once and vanilla ice cream - 11 DAYS NO DESSERTS FOR ME - ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace - I am a recovering SUGAR dessert ADDICT and a NON SMOKER living a NON SMOKER LIFE STYLE TODAY and - I dont think of SUCKING ON DEATH STICKS TODAY - I crave ESCAPING by STUFFING MY PIE HOLE WITH DESSERTS for a QUICK FIX - just sharing and MY solution is to pray and blog BEFORE I eat SUGAR DRUG - yahoooo - 11 DAYS today NO DESSERTS for ME - MY sister Jackie is MY ma caregiver - along with hospice doctor and nurse and caregivers and the Chaplin -  who all care for MY ma NEEDS -  I continue praying for EVERYBODY in MY Lord Jesus name amen

I want to thank EVERYBODY for teaching ME to learn a NEW mindset on dealing with MY ma and accepting that DEATH will come one day to all humans and as a NON SMOKER it is up to ME to change MY attitude about DEATH by getting -  NEW coping skills - NO donuts - NO cakes - NO pies - NO cookies to STUFFED IN MY PIE HOLE TO COMFORT MYSELF - this choice and action on MY part - is NOT going to STOP DEATH from taking MY Ma - EVERYBODY will face DEATH someday - that is LIFE and I will deal with MYSELF and celebrate - 11 DAYS NO DESSERTS for ME TODAY and - thanks for letting ME share - I MUST EXercise -  to STAY at peace INSIDE of ME - as I continue to STAY A POSITIVE NON SMOKER enjoying MY DAY


MY mama is in MY Daddy Gods hand and MY Lord Jesus is with MY ma and MY precious Holy Spirit is comforting MY ma in MY Lord Jesus name amen

I will CHOOSE to smile the best I can and keep praying in MY Lord Jesus name amen

LIFE GOES ON AND IT IS WEDNESDAY - hump day sliding into the WEEKEND Yahoooooo