6pm Tonight 

Blog Post created by indingrl on Feb 2, 2021

ACCEPTANCE with that's LIFE - it is TAX time for MY husband and ME and WE have our appointment to get OUR taxes done at 6pm TODAY and  ONLY due to the FACT and the changes because of NEW WORLD ORDER of - covid19 - yup - OFFERED are many many ON LINE choices - to get taxes done OR get forms WE need printed from or get forms WE need mailed to us by calling government number - WE usually got our forms at OUR library but covid19 has CLOSED the library and - NO hard copy forms are available anywhere in OUR area  - MY husband does OUR taxes EVERY year - NOT 2020 - I NEVER even thought of smoking OR eating WHITE WITCH SUGAR over this CHANGE due to - covid19 NEW WORLD ORDER - TODAY - I am  celebrating - 10 DAYS without COPING foods of cookie OR cakes OR donuts OR pies - it has been REAL hard for ME - I am a recovering SUGAR ADDICT and  - NOW -  I move MORE and BLOG more - 5 pounds lost in 10 days - yahooooo - Praising and thanking MY Daddy God in MY Lord Jesus name amen

WE are trying to GO WITH the flow of ALL the rules of covid19 world and accept it is what it is --for MY husband and ME and the appointment - WE made last week to get OUR taxes done and WE are TRYING to be grateful and  - please talking about US not YOU or anybody else and one MUST keep a sense of humor since I am coping TODAY that's LIFE on life's terms - everybody pays TAXES - WE are NOT unique OR being picked on - that's LIFE



Thanks for letting ME be ME and for letting ME share