Blog Post created by indingrl on Feb 1, 2021

SOME people say

I am NOT a nicotine addict and to PROVE they are NOT a nicotine addict

SOME - will GO to ANY lengths

I did for 38 YEARS - I would STOP smoking and START smoking - then I watched Bryons early DEATH from smoking video at - and I came OUT of MY denial

TODAY - I am a grateful RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICT and Smoking Is Not An Option for ME - I blog and ask for HELP here and I share at NOPE365 too - I pray for HELP everyday to MY Higher Power - who is MY Daddy God and I blog MY NEED for other's who struggle - TODAY - with emotional and mental issues in MY HEART - EXample - how to COPE with MY insecurities and MY fear's of living in this MOMENT fully present and aware that I NEED HELP from other's WHO have similarities - like just communicating and NOT being offened because SOME one has a DIFFERENT opinion OR NOT taking offence because I got a couple of responds in MY Christian group - for ME - it is being a grown up inside and having the willingness to LEARN how to become a human being and NOT an animal reacting - Thank you EVERYBODY here for teaching ME to be a loving and kind HUMAN being - y'all are the best teacher's EVER



Thanks EVERYBODY for teaching ME to handle MY ma slowly dying in hospice for 7 months - ONE blink at a time