Carry On 

Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 30, 2021

I have NOT sucked on 183,850 unsmoked cigarettes

Today is Richard Anthony Brown 64th Bday in Heaven - 1-31-21- MY daughters FATHER who died October- 2020 - SUDDENLY - BAM - DEAD

MY daughters are grieving - TODAY is their FATHER'S 64th birthday in HEAVEN - He was SUDDENLY taken they talked to him on the phone and BAM - LIFE HITS SUDDENLY  - DEAD

MY daughter in Florida sent these at 530am TODAY- thanks for letting ME share MY grieving heart - Smoking Is Not An Option- for ME and it is TEN DAYS NO WHITE WITCH SUGAR TODAY - no donuts-  no cakes -no pies- no cookies - I use to EAT to COPE with life on lifes terms- NOT TODAY -  now I pray and cry and MOVE on - to enjoy the rest of MY DAY

Fixing a jigsaw puzzle -  MY bff Debbie gave ME for MY birthday January 17th - MY 64th bday  - she lives in Ocala Florida and say it is COLD there