Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 29, 2021

MY daughter is heading to appointment at 2:30pm - requested by the liver team Doctors set up WEEKS ago - MASKS ON ALL THE TIME -  COVID19 LAW

Jaime is to arrive ONE early - MY husband is allowed to sit in WAITING area -  while they take her to check the 3 rings that the Doctor placed on her main vein to save her from BLEEDING inside from alcoholism in 2016 -  doctors put her in 8 day coma to STOP all the bleeding- long story short - they will drug her TODAY and put laser camera down her throat to check rings and MY husband is prepared with prayers and suduko books and lunch bag and water while WAITING - because of covid19 RULES - ONLY one person allowed. - 2nd time I am NOT with them - I been praying throughout this DAY - and that's life - that's what people say - and I am facing life's adventure with prayer and thanksgiving to MY Daddy God and MY Lord Jesus and by MY Holy Comforter teaching ME to relax and enjoy MY day

Doctor said last MONTH at check up - Jaime is healed of fluiding gathering in her lings - acitis is the medical term and her liver is healing nicely and they still want her to be put on liver list ' ehich been TRYING to get on for 3 YEARS - also due to ALL meds she is on to live and the side effects of those meds -  which MAY cause internal damage to some organs - YET - she NEEDS these meds to LIVE - due to the CONSEQUENCES of alcoholism

Thanks for letting ME share - and  NOT once did I think of - SUCKING ON DEATH to cope with the RUSH of memories that come with her doctor appointments with the liver team

Smoking Is Not An Option - EVER for ME in MY Lord Jesus name amen


In His love - LOVE to EVERYBODY here for teaching ME through ALL MY pain filled moments - I appreciate EVERYBODY HELP and prayers