If you have choice....!

Blog Post created by green1611 on Jan 23, 2021

During year end activities 2020, unfortunately my friend was admitted to hospital in ICU due to heart attack, and  for blockage of arteries (left 80 percent and right 100 percent). Fortunately he is improving ..and back to general ward, and later at home (with restricted movements, and on medication), now as I am writing this note.


We have old memories of smoking together, going back till 1984-85. We travelled together a lot, and had opportunities for being together on hiking, trekking expeditions.  Seven years back, I decided to quit smoking, and I did make an invite to this friend to join me in quitting smoking. I tried to pursue, but !  As all of us know, it has to pop up in own's mind, the resolve should be from with in !


Now that the friend was lying on bed, I went and met him (from distance), and had to tell me that doctor has advised my friend to stop smoking completely, henceforth. Absolutely NO No No !!


Now there is no choice, must quit, seven years back there was a choice !!


It is always good to quit...earlier the better. QUIT... QUIT ... QUIT!