Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 22, 2021

When I first began - MY NEW life style to live as a NON SMOKER -  it was SUGGESTED - to educate MYSELF

So I did by reading and reading and reading and reading - to get a NEW MINDSET


OLD NICOTINE ADDICT ideas and habits and patterns and thoughts were the ROOT of MY OLD NICOTINE - STUCK in rut - FEELINGS thinking of OLD SOLUTIONS-  to cope with ME was just to SMOKE - and MY OLD MINDSET was FEELING thinking and convinced that - I cant handle this - NEW NEW LIFE NO NICOTINE -  so MY solution was to smoke MY DRUG NICOTINE -  50 cigs a day- MY OLD idea was - This STOP SMOKING isn't working FAST enough - so I smoked again because I was immature on MY inside and HATED change and CRIED -  why ME - I was a BIG baby in the beginning and NOW - TODAY moments - I can still be terrible 2yr old inside-  when I NEED to change again for health issues - NO WHITE WITCH SUGAR- cakes donuts pues ice cream etc - MY NEW challenge of 2021


NEW SUGGESTION to ME - please I am talking about ME not YOU or anybody else - PRAY-  so I prayed to MY Higher Power - WHO is - MY Daddy God - please HELP educate ME to be open minded to LEARN from others.- EXperience in STAYING a NON SMOKER no matter what I feel THINK in MY Lord Jesus name amen


NEW Beginnings offered here FREE -  to read and read and read and read - for ME - I keep reading - and to put as MUCH into STAYING  A NON SMOKER - as I did into smoking 50 cigs a day -  ALL DAY LONG- I was on this site and at - EVERYDAY for the first 90 DAYS - I was very PRIDE filled and didn't like taking other's EXperience to HELP ME - MY OLD THOUGHTS - I can DO it on MY OWN - I don't NEED peoples HELP - I was in the BEGINNINGS of MY changing and very IGNORANT because I was trained in childhood to -  TRUST NO HUMANS - that was THEN and this is NOW - so I admitted -  I NEED peoples HELP - to TEACH ME and to learn from them -  day by day - to take the FREE LOVE SUGGESTIONS and try what works just for ME - I went thru trying and trying different NEW eveything by EVEYBODY here so I will learn to WALK as JOY filled non smoker and LOVING life on lifes terms - for ME - MY QUIT TOOLS - personal and to share and leave the CHOICE to those who are willing to try NEW


NEW thought life - MY CHOICE IS TO CHOOSE A POSITIVE NEW -  by reading


Quit smoking Quit-smoking basics - Mayo Clinic 


NEW RESULTS - the willingness to CHANGE inside MY HEART - just for ME -  to live a NEW LIFE STYLE FREE from OLD ME


ONE day a time with OTHER recovery NON SMOKERS -  dealing in our OWN REALITIES with our personal - NEW QUIT TOOLS