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OPEN MINDED for ME - please I am NOT talking about YOU or anybody else

I had a ADDICTION nightmare - I was offered a line of very very tiny little white balls - reminded ME of styrofoam - lol - I passed on the offer and started to walk out and then I WOKE UP

I believe it is  ALL that WHITE WITCH SUGAR - I been eating for the past MONTH I gained 10 pounds - 1 weigh 230lbs and I was 275lbs - 10 YEARS ago- just sharing 

MY FREE WILL choice and I am paying MY consequences eating SWEETS

OPEN MINDED has brought to ME the  TRUE FACTS - I know the solution to MY weight gain - and I will take MY mouth back from MY ADDICTION TO WHITE WITCH SUGAR TODAY in MY Lord Jesus name amen

I have set MY NEW MINDSET for ME and please I am talking about ME not YOU or anybody else

Geeeezzeeee Louise -  I am grateful that -  I am OPEN MINDED to be honest with MYSELF and just for TODAY s.i.n.a.o. and I am SOOOOO grateful to be OPEN MINDED to keep taking MY OWN additive inventory ONLY


Cleaned out the fridge and cabinets and ALL THROW OUT - taking MY NEW MINDSET and I am back in track - it is the subtle and sly and living in DENIAL that I allowed MYSELF to say and believe -  ONE PIECE won't hurt ME - BAM NEXT additive thought quietly and QUICKLY says - just ONE CIGARETTE WONT HURT ME