Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 19, 2021

3666 DOF

I remember collecting cigarette butts off the street and putting them in a coffee can given to ME by MY grandma to get them for her because she rolled her OWN from these cigarette butts

I grew up on the WHITE government housing in AMERICA for NATIVE AMERICANS called the REZ

BEFORE bringing the full can of cigarette butts to MY grandma - I would SMOKE some cigarette butts with another INDIAN or NATIVE AMERICAN or  RED MAN or HEATHEN - the WHITE Catholics Fathers and Brothers and Nuns called us by many names at the orphanage for ALL the NATIVE AMERICAN CHILDREN - they TOOK ALL kids different AGES - to reprogram US and TRAIN us to be WHITE CATHOLICS - just sharing - please I am talking about ME -  NOT talking about YOU or anybody else - this MEMORY comes UP every NOW and again -  when I see cigarettes butts on the ground

I was FOUR years old and so was the boy I was with and also MY sister was with is she was 5 years old and a NON SMOKER - she would sing and WE watched her and listened as WE smoked cigarettes butts

I am glad I am NOT alone in smoking at a YOUNG age - I remember reading about this young boy


He was given his 1st cigarette at age 1 and a half - FACT 

I am SOOOOO grateful to be a NON SMOKER TODAY with 3666 DOF