Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 5, 2021

Today is about ALL FAMILY - this Smoking Is Not An Option and n.o.p.e. member family -  where EVERYBODY teaches ME -  to live in the present MOMENTS of MY day and to be FULLY present where I am at -  IN - the moments

I am WAITING for a call from MY sister who is OUR ma's caregiver and she invited ME this morning to be with her and ma when the Pastor arrives to visit them and pray and sing with them - so I prayed and asked MY Holy Comforter for HIS help and I said YES

It is BITTERSWEET for ME to LET go of MY mama and HOLD on to her ALL at the same time in MY HEART - please I am talking about ME and not YOU or anybody else

I prayed and exercised and got cleaned up and dressed and did 2 loads of laundry and cooked MYSELF a nice breakfast while waiting since 530am

NOW I am here because I wanted to share the gratitude I have for MY Daddy Gods grace and tender merices blessing ME with a NEW DAY and for ALL of you here with ME for these past YEARS - day in and day out - thank you ALL


for ME and I am SO glad for EVERYBODY'S teachings on letting LOVE lead for ALL FAMILY


To ALL MY -  Smoking Is Not An Option and n.o.p.e. FAMILY


In MY waiting in MY Lord Jesus name amen