Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 2, 2021


It happened SUDDENLY

I received news that MY brother in love Donny was killed by a drunk driver

I was 3 MONTHS NICOTINE FREE and I came HERE and blogged BEFORE I took that 1st puff over ME - EVERYBODY taught ME how to drive out of state for the 1st time WITHOUT smoking like a chimmey - OLD ADDICT MINDSET

I was taught to gather MY QUIT TOOLS for traveling

I was taught to PRAY 1st and bring MY bible

I was taught to have CRUNCHY snacks READY at MY side

I was taught to have MY favorite music READY to grab in an instant to KEEP CALM

I was taught to blog BEFORE I take that 1st automatic PUFF to COPE with SUDDEN DEATH OF A LOVED ONE

MY personal QUIT TOOLS were for ME when MY old mindset HITS and to SAY OUT LOUD

NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER NO MATTER WHAT - Joel from taught ME - NO MATTER WHAT do not smoke - Joel has been HELPING nicotine addicts for over 40 YEARS and Joel has given ME-   MANY other QUIT TOOLS from HIS book that the ELDERS HERE TOLD ME TO READ - title of Joel book is  - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - FACTS about MY nicotune addiction and I needed a NEW thought life - I am grateful to MY Daddy God for Joel teaching ME - I am NOT talking about YOU or anybody -  just ME - the wake and funeral went well and MY sister asked ME to speak at the wake and I did not NEED a cigarette to SPEAK - HOORAY FOR MY Lord Jesus

Then the WHOLE family gathered at MY aunt home and ACTIVE NICOTINE ADDICTS were going to be there.and I was taught I would have to SPEAK UP and ask them NOT to smoke in the house - I was scared and very nervous so I went to the bathroom and PRAYED - I came out of bathroom and ask for everybody's attention

I said I am 3 MONTHS not smoking so would you ALL smoke outside and they DID - that is MY 1st SUDDEN DEATH story as a NEWBORN baby recovering from nicotine addiction and living day by day as a NON SMOKER and living life on lifes terms


I thank MY Daddy God for EVERYBODY for their experience traveling out of state for the 1st time and I am grateful because October 13 2020 was SUDDEN DEATH of MY friend Richard who was just RIPPED OUT of this life and MY adult daughters had to DEAL with the SUDDEN DEATH of their Father their OWN way and as for ME - I prayed for EVERYBODY - and I blogged BEFORE I had a SELF pity party - please I am talking about ME not YOU or anybody. -  LIFE HAPPENS DEAL WITH IT just do NOT use MY SUDDEN DEATH OF LOVED ONES AS AN EXCUSE TO SUCK ON DEATH STICKS remember to blog and ask for HELP because I still am using MY personal QUIT TOOLS as MY mama is dying