No smoking from January 1,....

Blog Post created by green1611 on Dec 28, 2020

I would have decided many times, whenever new year starts.. let me decide honestly "NO SMOKING", "QUIT SMOKING" ! Many such resolves would have started with good intent ... first few days were enthusiastic, keeping the promise of no smoking. 


After few days, due to to some or the other reason.. it was felt that one cigarette with friend in the evening, or over heavy lunch, or in the workplace will not break my resolution. And slowly, back to square one..... every day, every time, smoke where ever you want ! 


Again year ends with smoking few cigarettes, and start new year with new (but old) resolve.. quit smoking !


After joining this site, reading so much useful material here, watching how other friends are quitting, and virtual support... indeed now just remember that resolution which once upon a time was always failed !!


Now happy, no such resolution required.... with NOPE continue to be smoke free !


Wishing you all happy new year !