Blog Post created by indingrl on Dec 25, 2020

Today SINAO - for ME - MY son is 44 years old and chooses to NOT have a relationship with ME - NO worries I still have a relationship with him - I keep MY side of the street clean and when WE meet at weddings and funerals he is very respectful to MY face -  being raised in an alcoholic HOME causes MANY dysfunctions in EACH individual YET by MY Daddy Gods grace I was blessed in MAY 22 1987 with FREEDOM  from alcohol and continually blessed in MANY areas of MY life - MIRACLE'S in MY body - I believe that soon and very soon - I will SEE MY ASCENDED Lord Jesus and I am talking about ME not anybody else or YOU and  that's MY faith -WE had a wonderful PHONE celebration  on December 23rd - MY daughter turned 39 years old - WE communicate fairly good - WE are all a work under OUR Daddy Gods construction NOT any humans - just for ME today - it is NOT MY Lord Jesus bday just fyi - from bible History opinions VARY - and just for TODAY - I hope EVERYBODY has a wonderful MERRY N.O.P.E. DAY

MY granddaughter gave her mom Jaime this cuddle blanket for Christ day - Jaime Father DIED October 13 2020 - SUDDENLY- that is LIFE - that is what SOME people say WHO didn't have a loved one take OUT SUDDENLY - BAM DEAD - life on life's term - n.o.p e. N.O.P.E. is the answer because - CACA aka POOP -  HAPPENS TO EVERYBODY - N.O.P.E AND SINAO - Yahoooooooooo