The end is ......

Blog Post created by indingrl on Dec 24, 2020

The end is in MY Lord Jesus hands - that MY belief - please I am talking about ME not YOU or ANYBODY else - I just NEED to share - please and thank you - I know - these past few GROUP texts from MY sister about OUR Ma in HOSPICE - group updates on the FACTS - revealing that DEATH is nearer -  since JUNE 19TH 2020 -  when doctors put MY ma in HOSPICE which MY ma chose to die at home - HOSPICE is the medical name given for the END - December 19th 2020 was SIX MONTHS for MY ma - MY constant thoughts are questions - how long will MY ma go on suffering  - I wonder often and pray for her NOT to be in pain - YET when she calls ME -  she asks for ME to pray really hard for her - I tell her I am and she asks ME to send pics of nature when I go walking outside - even if she doesn't text back just send them and I have done this and I also tell her I love her - this last group update - I thanked EVERYBODY loving and caring for MY ma and asked Jackie -  to tell Ma -  I am OK with her going to heaven and I would do what Ma asked of ME - just ME  - please I am talking about ME and NOT you or anybody else - this coming DEATH - I read alot of HOSPICE articles from doctors and nurses and caregivers and person with their loved ones that stayed to the END - I educate MYSELF on HOSPICE - which I LEARNED here about EDUCATING MYSELF on MY NICOTINE addiction -  ONLY MINE and In use of this excellent QUIT TOOL to HELP ME - to keep growing and learning about DEATH in the articles from HOSPICE experience - some people say -  DEATH has a smell in their loved ones room - some say - their loved one was WAITING for someone - some say their loved WAITED until everybody was GONE then DEATH took them - MY thought life has been a calm and prayer filled WAITING for MY ma to GO when she goes and I been living EACH day as IF it were MY last day - you NEVER know - it could BE - thanks for letting ME share - I am grateful for this DAY and for the FREEDOM to just SHARE MY thoughts on DEATH and MY MA in HOSPICE 6 MONTHS


I love just WALKING and talking to MY Daddy God and MY Lord Jesus and MY Holy Comforter - its MY faith and please I am sharing MY Daddy Gods grace which MY peace HE gives MY HEART is BEYOND human understanding as MY Ma is dying and I NEVER thought of using MY ma as an excuse to SMOKE AT DEATH - just like I SMOKED AT LIFE and people and etc and TODAY - the only obsessing I do is the constant WORRY OF WONDERING - if all the articles written on DEATH - really HELPS to accept DEATH - which will come to EVERYBODY