Blog Post created by indingrl on Dec 22, 2020

Thank you - EVERYBODY HERE - for planting SEEDS in MY NEW mindset to THINK and NOT feeling like staying quit from MY DRUG NICOTINE

Thank you - EVERYBODY HERE - for planting SEEDS in MY will to EDUCATE MYSELF with different solutions that were being WALKED out in YOUR non smoker NEW lifestyles

Thank you - EVERYBODY HERE - for planting SEEDS of NEW ideas to say OUT loud when I craved attention ....I DONT SUCK ON DEATH STICKS TO COPE WITH MY INSIDES OF DYSFUNCTION AND MY IGNORANCE - I LEARN to grow up inside to live as a JOY filled non smoker just for TODAY -  please this is a  tough LOVE SEED given to ME

Please don't be offened for I am talking about ME not YOU or ANYBODY else - I am just sharing -  MY learning and gratitude to EVERYBODY HERE - for teaching ME to take what HELPS and let go of the rest and I was taught by EVERYBODY HERE  - living from their OWN walking out non smoker life style day by day and adapting and accepting the unexpected -  CHANGES that just happen in the MOMENTS of their DAY

Thank you EVERYBODY HERE for planting SEEDS - to teach MYSELF to ENCOURAGE MYSELF - because ain't NOBODY gonna DO it for ME

Thank you - EVERYBODY HERE- for planting SEEDS in MY emotions and to live as a experienced non smoker with WISDOM to KNOW FACTS about ME

Smoking Is Not An Option

Never take another puff over ME

STOP and think what I am thinking about - is it LIFE or SUCKING ON DEATH STICKS?

Thank you - EVERYBODY HERE - for planting SEEDS of empathy - because YOU have some family dying OR that have died from cancer from smoking or just OLD AGE and YOU understand ME when I am at MY worst and YOU still planted MORE SEEDS of FACTS -  that life goes on so remember - Not One Puff Ever over life on lifes terms

For ME I hold on because a GREAT STORM OF MANY FAMILY members in HOSPICE dying slowly - MY husband and I - our aging parents and from the unknown final day of their lives - MY thoughts ON - will it be ALL three at once DEATH comes?

I must remain FOCUSED in MY Daddy Gods Holy Word for ME in MY Lord Jesus name - TODAY it is NOT about ME - it is about OTHERS above MYSELF

so I remain to pray for EVERYBODY HERE who has family in HOSPICE