Life is Testing Us!

Blog Post created by Gail561 on Dec 13, 2020

I really haven't been blogging much on this site - Yes the things around me affect me like keeping my distance to not get COVID as I do have a respiratory condition. So far I am doing okay I stay away from positive people I don't smoke any longer. My job went from being a commuting job to a remote worker and thought it would be only two weeks in the beginning. By now you realize that it's already 9 months at home and doing the same exact job. My routine has changed from not only traveling and seeing my other co-workers to always having your mask before going anywhere. I see the frustations even in my own home my daughter having a hard time adjusting to hybrid school life. If you don't know what hybrid is it means she's in school for 2 days and remote learning for 3 days. She misses her friends - was not able to perform in a Christmas Show this year. Instead the school had to do raffles and other ways of getting funds to help their students compete. Restaurants, stores and everything we took for granted had to adapt to this new COVID ways. I wasn't going to write this but some days this new norm crap just eats me and other alive. If this can't be said go ahead and take down this post - i'll understand. I just really need to vent. Masks and 02 are not very comfortable together but I still comply to my state's rules and regulations that some day we will get this under control! I do miss the old q but those days were already gone before this mess happened and none of this is in my control. The hard part for me is you don't know if you have it unless you take a test and you have to assume everyone is positive and take the necessary precautions. Where does this end..... I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That light is not here yet but I can't give up hope that maybe some of the way things were can return? Not all of it ever going to be the same again which really makes me mad and sad at the same time. I have seen too many things canceled that broke kids hearts this year as they looked forward to something that is gone. 


I choose to remain smoke free as my lungs can't handle the nicotine. I really don't crave smoking anymore. I am just trying to survive like everyone else! Restrictions everywhere we turn and when they try to re-open the state the numbers grow so high they had to resort back to Phase 3 level 1 today. Pray for the victims and the familes going through this torture and may their lives have not been taken away as not needed. They all had love ones and people rallying for them and this virus took them away. It's a war battle with a virus and we are all really stinks and I know this is a site to vent about smoking. Darn this is a year of testing souls and testing how we truly handle this situation.


It feels good to actually type what I feel - just really don't know what your reactions will be. I know there are days my mental ability is being tested!