Blog Post created by indingrl on Dec 13, 2020

I just NEEDED to VENT just because  - I am missing ALL those in MY EARLY PAST recovery n.o.p.e. family member in MY PAST - the OLD site -  those who are NO longer blogging OR come here to this site  - PLEASE I am just sharing -  thank you - please dont be offended-  just took an OLD TRAIN RIDE in 2017 BY TOMMY - anyway -  they MOVED on to fb OR left this sight because they CHOSE to and SOME have died a NON smoker and are in Heaven now and ONE was miraculously HEALED and SOME just could NOT take the CHANGING of this site and YES I understand UPGRADES MUST be made or web sight may CRASH - OR whatever - I was just reading OLD BLOG from Aztec - gosh she was a GOOD teacher and I remember a Train Conductor named Pirfan aka MY brother Tommy - 2017 - OH THOMAS who was MY famous TEACHER on copd updates of NEW meds or exercise or just loving SUPPORT he shared with his COPD GROUP on the OLD SITE - it was Thomas who recommended the spit test - thats is MY words - Thomas had the medical word I cannot spell -  spirotemiumn ????  something like that - anyway -  it was for peoples to get that TEST dealing with lung issues and it was Aztec train ride in 2017 celebration of 3 years as a NON SMOKER and who NOW has 6 YEARS taught ME to remember OTHERS beliefs are NOT mine and to share LOVINGLY with all on STAYING nicotine free as a NON smoker enjoying MY life and I remember - JoJo - WHO received a double lung transplant and BEFORE the gift of lungs - she blogged everyday HELPING others to STAY QUIT and she was the ONE who saved ME from SUCKING ON DEATH - she shared that having STAGE 4 lung cancer was horrible and BEFORE I smoked to THINK of putting a plastic bag over MY head and then TRY to smoke a cigarette - she lived EACH day SUFFOCATING - she wrote blogs on STAGE 4 LUNG CANCER and how she kept - n.o.p.e. top priority while WAITING on lung transplant LIST and ONE day BAM - I choose to believe that MY Daddy God blessed her - please I am talking about ME not anyone else - she got double lung transplant - she was here alittle while after and once in a long while and now YOU can visit her on fb - and I remember a woman WHO was HEALED of lung cancer -  hmmmmmm - what was her name - KELLY - ahhhh -  thank you to MY Higher Power who is God for HELPING ME to remember her name and also on the train ride was MY beloved Doris - WHO loved ME -  until I could love MYSELF as a newbie with alot to learn in STAYING quit by teaching ME to NOT give up on ME and by her sending encouragement and HOPE to MY page on the OLD site pages - she is in heaven NOW and NONE of these - Kelly and Aztec and JoJo (double lung trnsplnt) come here to blog anymore and I remember Peggy she was a GOOD TOUGH LOVE teacher - she went to fb and SOME others followed her - AH sweet Linda she loved her cats - she chose to SUCK ON DEATH STICKS AGAIN - I was sooooo saddened by that NEWS - I chose to blog about it - I miss the train rides celebrations and I miss ALL those who where on the OLD website BEFORE upgrade - MY QUIT DATE IS JANUARY 6 2011 - I am getting so EXCITED -PLEASE -  I am just SHARING - please take what HELPS and please I mean NO offense - I am just sharing  - thank you -  I am very grateful to MY Daddy God first for blessing ME with a NEW day and for EVERYBODY here TODAY - Demember 13 2020 and in MY PAST early nicotine days when learning to be willing to change and when willing to learn flexibility and when learning to remain OPEN MINDED to keep learning NEW ways OR ideas to keep growing INSIDE by just letting people SHARE their blogs - NOT to judge or change their blogs to MY liking and NOT to think THEY are blogging about the great ME - they are just SHARING their EXPERIENCE at staying nicotine free- and MY beloved Thomas - who -  also taught ME to be kind and loving and to THINK of others ABOVE myself - and to FORGIVE those who read ONLY a PART of MY blog and comment - I remember when I came here in OCTOBER 2010 still smoking 2 or 3 cigs a day - while reading the blogs by the -  EXTeam blogs -and  by Dr Hurt blogs and SOME of the blogs from MOST people WHO are NO longer bloggers here TODAY - THANKS for letting ME be grateful for MY TEACHERS OF OLD SITE - I still am learnig to adapt to this EVER changing WEBSITE - FYI -  upgrades coming SOON and Please I am talking about ME not anyone else and I am just SHARING - thank YOU for just letting ME be ME -  I do appreciate EVERYBODY - thanks again for letting ME remember MY EARLY PAST RECOVERY and letting ME miss MY friends