Walking down then... walking now !

Blog Post created by green1611 on Dec 3, 2020

Most of the places, smoking is not allowed. So the smoker has to walk down few hundred meters, Find out the "right" place for smoking, and get back to work place. 


I remember, I had to walk down half a mile outside the premise, to reach smoking corner. This was walking down the lobby, garden, another lobby, footpath and then finally you are at smoking corner. During the working hours minimum 4 visits to this place was like walking exercise ! Ha Ha... never enjoyed walking at that time, because urge to smoke was so much, that reaching the place itself was boring.


Now, during my seven years of quit, I go for walk morning and (or)  evening (weather permitting)., and inhaling the breeze. I smell the freshness of beautiful flowers, trees, plants around. I feel energetic. I walk miles together at a stretch. I inhale to store the rich fresh air in the lungs. Walking is so pleasant now. 


Walking for smoking changed to walking for health !


Enjoy walking !