Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 24, 2020

I don't even think of smoking these days - ONLY by MY Daddy Gods amazing grace and His love - FACTS - life happens to EVERY BODY - I hear all the time - YOUR NOT ALONE - we are ALL suffering  - MY husband ma 97yr back in hospital with heart pain and lungs filled with fluid - his sister 70yr has covid19 and at home with household filled with covid19 in 5 other members - TODAY MY 1st thought is to PRAYER for others and I am so grateful to MY Daddy God in MY Lord Jesus name amen - MY prayers are answered and I praise and thank MY Daddy God for MY Husbands -  Ma coming home 2mrw and prayer answered for his sister had a doctor visit on computer and received meds for depression  - the other 5 are dealing with their VARIED symtomps of covid19 - EVERY BODY in this WHOLE WORLD is dealing with covid19 in some loved ones or themselves  - MY ma who has been in HOSPICE since May 19 - 2020 - her area in 3 counties of TN has bern infected with covid19 happening in her HOSPICE caregiver nurses and their clients - MY husband and I are survivors of covid19 in May 2020 - MY husband almost died from it - and NOW stay at home in IL - is happening again to shut down  - ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace - MY 1st thought is to stay in prayer for others TODAY and come here to cheer others on to VICTORY in sharing MY experience STAYING a non smoker - ONE day at a time with ALL of you - thank you ALL  - I believe in Gods amazing grace and HE  keeps ME in His love to keep ONE foot in front of the other and MY NEW mindset is to make a gratitude list - think of the joyful positive MORE than woes in our life day after day  - before I obessed about NICOTINE and TODAY I obessed about praying for others and to thank God continually for I am NICOTINE FREE and  - I am very grateful that I have this site to come and HELP others to STAY positive and pass on a JOY filled attitude to others and be a non smoker with ALL of YOU just for TODAY