Why we feel bad after a relapse?

Blog Post created by Blue123 on Nov 19, 2020

I just wanted to share a thought on my personal experiences with relapse in the past with it being more of a story. 


You just quit nicotine the past month and hit your 30 day milestone, its been challenging, tough, a grind...…...but also exciting and thrilling to accomplish such a feet.  You are so proud of yourself and should be.  You post and blog, started working out, doing all the things you need to do but then..…… have a moment where the strings are tugging, you know all to well that one cigarette or smokeless tobacco is something you THINK you want, but also know once done you will wish you didn't do it at all.  Is it because you feel defeated, maybe embarrassed, why?


Well, for me in the past it ALWAYS has been I wanted something (not really sure why) and you think about it, it consumes your mind and then you break down and well you know the story...…...then afterwards you think, wow, that really didn't make me feel better, my BP went up, I now have a headache, mentally I feel exhausted and defeated, etc, etc.


So, my lesson learned is when those string are tugging, remember why you quit, who you are, and that a moment of nicotine will not make you feel better, it will make you feel worse...…….keep pushing, as many have said take it "one day at a time" and reward yourself in other ways, celebrate who you are and what your short and long term goals are!! 


Remember how awesome you feel NICOTINE free and the self worth you feel because you are worth it!!!!


We have so many amazing people here, please feel free to expand if you like...…..I myself want to here your success stories and I think people hearing YOUR perspective makes a huge difference.


Today is an amazing day, embrace and engage in life!!