Finally Ready!!

Blog Post created by Blue123 on Nov 17, 2020

After a few decades of using chewing tobacco, hiding, sneaking around my family, etc....hit a wall on Nov.12th and made the choice to quit.  While I have done this before,  I think after 5 days of managing withdrawals and looking for support (I know I will need it) may have given me a glimpse of just how addicting chewing tobacco is.


In the past I have used gum and tried cold turkey before but I don't really think I was fully committed at any of those attempts


So, the goal is simple "don't EVER use again".  Here are some things I am doing to get by as I stopped cold turkey:

  • Drinking a little more coffee and honestly eating coffee beans
  • Taking moments to think how thankful I am for different things
  • focused on getting a workout and drinking lots of water (seems to help a lot)
  • Joined a Zoom weekly meeting (haven't attended yet but I'm on the list).


So yeah, I'm 6 days in nicotine free and feel really good about where I am.  However, I KNOW I need more than just my mental toughness (or lack of) when those moments happen and I am really hoping to find some support here with real people telling real stories so I can get help and maybe if I'm blessed help others.


Thank you for listening and looking forward to hearing your personal stories and tips/guidance.