Peace at Last 

Blog Post created by indingrl on Nov 8, 2020

WE -  Ward and I made it to a FULL DAY of peace and love -  after a long black storm of emotional ane mental twists accepting life on life's terms with GOOD heart attitudes - FACT and REAL pains in OUR mind and will and emotions - SOUL storms  testing of OUR faith - FACTS - hospice - sudden death of loved one and now covid19   -  WE woke up and prayed then WE encouraged each other to go for a leisure walk - WE gotta exercise everyday areobic walking for me and walking everyday for Ward and together on weekends - so WE can keep walking until WE just keep trying to enjoying a beautiful day with seeing nature in its variety of colors - staying in this DAY only and MY Higher Power - who is - MY Daddy God - I think is the BEST artist ever - talking about ME not anyone else - Ward and I walked for 45 minutes -  we return home and watched some movies and I took a cat nap and then WE went out after supper to have a treat from dairy queen - I ate a strawberry shortcake blizzard and Ward had oreo blizzard - we sat on our glider out on our patio enjoying our treats -  It has been along time since WE had a DAY filled with - a peace beyond understanding in OUR hearts and bodies and minds - FACT. - WE just got news yesterday - Wards ma who is 97 and in hospital 2 days with covid19 and MY ma who is in hospice 4 months now has been in NEW health - up sitting in wheelchair on porch visiting with oldest sister and just enjoying her day - it really is a WONDERFUL n.o.p.e. DAY - thanks for letting ME share - one lemon at a time throughout MY days I use every now and again to bring ME back into MY moments - it works - thank you Dale for teaching ME to bite into a lemon peel and all in January 6th 2011 - it keeps ME in MY every day moments - TODAY - 3594 NICOTINE FREE DAYS