Blog Post created by indingrl on Nov 5, 2020

I just received text this morning - November is MY native American MONTH -  i will use the slogan - n.o.p.e. over the changing Native American to Indigenous peoples month - cheeeezzeee Louise - 1st name I was given by the Catholic nuns at the orphanage in So Dakota was - heathens - I was 4 years old - then as I aged - names given were - red man - MY skin was NEVER red - then Indian and then - Native Ametican and 2020 to the name Indigenous and I had to look up that word for a definition - it means - native - laughing out loud - n.o.p.e. is MY slogan for all ignorant peoples who know NOTHING of native americans - growing up on the government assigned REZ areas - are 3rd world ateas in the United States just fyi - I will NOT take one PUFF over this silliness - which Brenda SUGGESTED to ME over MY using caps and ALL  other silliness that goes in the world of ALL peoples - I am NOT the only one - live and let God is MY love motto - love is MY Daddy God and to love myself and to love ALL other peoples in MY Lord Jesus name amen - I was told I can't give away something I don't have so NOW I will be moving forward in LOVE

PLEASE  - please do not be offended - just SHARING that I am Native Americam - I am of the tribe - the Waphton Sioux of Lake Traverse Rez in Sisseton South Dakota and very honored to be chosen in the month of November by the government to be celebrating - NATIVE AMERICANS month- yahooooo