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MY daughters have set their Father's - Celebration of Life - November 1, 2020 - noon to 4 pm - it will NOT be your regular wake and funeral - they rented a room at a recovery club -the one where their Father got sober and  their Father's Sober date is October 28 , 1986.and just celebrated 16 YEARS NICOTINE FREE - Richard died on October 13 , 2020 - SUDDENLY - just RIPPED out of this life - the girls wanted all recovering and family members and friends and acquaintances to dress comfortably OR wear New York yankees OR Chicago cubs OR Chicago bears - their Father was born in New York and lived in Chicago and loved the bears and cubbies - Richard died in Elk Grove Village where he lived in 2020 - Courtney and Jaime decided to celebrate their Father's life and how he loved his family and always HELPED the next suffering alcoholic - they raised the monies on gofundme and decided to have fellowship and catered food due to covid19 RULES-  and Jaime made cup cakes with their Father's sports favorites - Courtney and Quentin are in Florida and cannot attend due to covid19 - the celebration of their Father's life is in ILLINOIS - they will donate monies to the recovery club - thanks for letting ME share and thank you all for YOUR support during MY NEED for n.o.p.e. strength from ALL here these pass days- thank you for YOUR prayers love time support and empathy and remembering - how yall got through your loved ones deaths by SHARING your experience with ME and STAYING -  a n.o.p.e. family member- ONE day at a time - OHHHHH the heart memories


 Richard Anthony Brown born January 30, 1957 Died October 13 , 2020