Today's Funny

Blog Post created by nevergiveup on Oct 24, 2020

Hi friends. Today was a pretty down day but it's getting better. I woke up this morning & decided to apologize to my elderly mom because I lied to her. Something I strive to never do to anyone, especially her. Mission accomplished this morning. I'm sure we'll rehash it again at least twice but it's okay. I was totally in the wrong 100%. The start of my day was not funny obviously. Working on trying to be more kind overall, a better person.


Aside from that as with everyone out there, there are some other things happening in the background of my life. None of which are a reason to smoke. Period. Biggest thing looming right now is waiting for results from a Covid-19 test I decided to get on Thursday. Thankfully I have had no symptoms since being exposed at one of my jobs by a fellow co-worker who, as far as I know, is doing okay. Numbers are quickly rising in our area (central PA)...not sure about the rest of the country...try to avoid the national news for the most part.


Anyway, I had to share my funny from today. Please note this is NOT an advertisement in any way, shape or form. I have a few personal goals to accomplish before I start dating again. Consistency with not smoking is the biggest one.


I had brief encounters today with the man who was in my life for the past 7 years today. The romantic relationship which was serious at one time is no more. It is okay. I am okay, will be better off overall this I know to be true. I will be good again, just need a little time to work through it. There's more history but I am not into it nor am I throwing the individual under the bus. It just didn't work out. I do realize breakups aren't a laughing matter and can be totally devastating depending on the situation. Went through the devastating part of this one a couple years ago. Recent interactions were just the finale.


The funny

Anyway, after a brief text conversation with this guy today I opened Words with Friends which I enjoy a great deal.   My letters, after this text exchange, just short of diarrhea. It was my first laugh out loud of today. If any of you need a little chuckle I hope this might bring a crooked little smirk to your face.


In friendship,