Just for Today 

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Oct 22, 2020
  • Just for TODAY I will make a decision to n.o.p.e Just for TODAY I will think of how I will be kind to each person I meet Just for TODAY I will be responsible for MY feelings and NOT let them lead ME around running MY non smoker day Just for TODAY I will STAY in this day ONLY and enjoy the present moments of MY day Just for TODAY I will smile Just for TODAY I will be HELPFUL and part of the solution to offer HELP to the next suffering nicotine addict and pass on the HOPE that was given to ME by Dale - bite into a lemon peel and all - it brings ME back in MY day and moment giving ME time to pause..........and to think and ask MYSELF - what am I thinking about - is what I am thinking on bringing LIFE thoughts of love and joy and peace OR is it bringing DEATH thoughts of selfishness and self pity and obession to suck on death sticks - Just for TODAY I will run to MY Daddy God first and ask for HELP to be faithful in HIS love and service to keep others ABOVE myself and give away ALL that was given to ME to STAY a non smoker living EACH moment enjoying the present and NOT living in MY past addict old mindset in MY Lord Jesus name I pray amen Thank you Dale for teaching ME to bite into a lemon and STAY a non smoker through ALL of MY faith testing - to choose and decide Just for TODAY to live a LIFE as a joyful NON SMOKER or DEATH as an active nicotine addict - Just for TODAY I will n.o.p.e. with EVERYONE here - ONE breathe at a time HELPING in love and service to ALL