Be gentle with yourself 

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Oct 21, 2020

I was so hard on MYSELF for stopping smoking and smoking again and again - the vicious cycle of MY addiction and for over 38 YEARS - I tried and tried to stop smoking - I tried the nicotine gum - I tried throwing my cigs away - I swore to MYSELF -  I will NEVER smoke again - and at the MOMENT in that time I really meant it - I would be smoking again -  I tried listening to others who willing gave up their saturday to sit on a panel and tell their recovery from nicotine stories - I tried and tried on MY OWN - then I saw becomeanEX t.v. commercial - a man was trying to drink a cup of coffee and kept MISSING his mouth - I was laughing until I heard - it is hard at first when you QUIT smoking - then I looked up and the rest is history - October 2010 is when I saw that commerical and came to this site and I did NOT surrender - MY PRIDE to MY Lord Jesus until JANUARY 6 2011 - and fyi - I was born again in 1986 of November and bible studied every morning while smoking 50 cigs a day - then I surrendered and prayed with all MY heart - Dear Jesus if you dont take these cigarettes from me I will smoke them until I drop dead in Jesus name amen - the next morning HE gave ME - a cold turkey quit and I been having n.o.p.e. days with ALL of you here - thank you ALL for teaching ME and keeping ME growing and learning to STAY a non smoker by HELPING others in HIS love and service - by sharing MY experience with all the stuff you ALL taught ME  - thats MY recovery from nicotine story and I am so glad -  JUST FOR TODAY - s.i.n.a.o. - Smoking Is Not An Option for ME -  Thank you so much Jackie for teaching ME that slogan -  it is still HELPING ME today


 yahooooooo - I HOPE everyone has a GOOD n.o.p.e. day