WE get to 

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Oct 18, 2020

Yahoooooooooo- WE get to choose to have a good n.o.p.e. day - Richard who was RIPPED out of this life on october 13, 2020 was a NON SMOKER for 16 YEARS - he just celebrated his smober anniversary - Jaime did a gofundme on october 15th to pay for his cremation and WE are very grateful to the 34 followers and 173 shares and 34 donors - WE praise OUR Daddy God for HIS love and grace to strengthen US to accept these varied stages of GRIEF in OUR Lord Jesus strength and mighty name amen - it is amazing how similar the choices to STOP sucking on death with a GOOD attitude and to SHARE loving as MY daughters choose to be active nicotine users to cope with their Fathers death YET I was taught - but for the grace of God there go I - WE only had one rude comment on raising money for Richard from one of his friends - a FRIEND - cheeeeze louise and I am very proud MY daughters were able to ask OUR Daddy God for help because BOTH daughters were able to kill this person with kindness and just say thank you for sharing - ONLY by Gods grace do I try to pray continously for ignorant peoples - imagine judging and critizing Richards family - because he was living on 800.00 a month social security and had a room at a hotel for his home and in a wheel chair due to obesity - Richard lived his life the best he could - I MUST pray for that ignorant person - thanks for letting ME vent about that person - a friend - it is shared your enemies are nearest to you - anyway the donation amount is almost met in 4 days - then the girls can get prepared to cremate their Father - even thou the girls choose to SUCK on DEATH STICKS while dealing with doctors - paperwork - monies etc - I accepted their OWN personal choice and I chose the slogan - s.i.n.a.o.- thank you Jackie for teaching ME that and thank you Dale for teaching ME to bite into a lemon peel and all - it sure does HELP ME to snap OUT of MY self centerdness and think of others ABOVE myself and THANK ALL OF YOU again and again for SUPPORTING ME through this HELL of mental and emotional TORTURE of acceptance of EVERYONE is grieving the loss of SOMEONE however they NEED to grieve and I am very grateful to MY Daddy God for the gofundme business to HELP the girls ask for help to cremate their Father in MY Lord Jesus name amen