Day 3!

Blog Post created by Toriepope1 on Oct 6, 2020

Woke up today feeling great! I’m not having any cravings like the last 2 days! I am feeling like myself today and not irritable or sensitive. I know many others have a harder time and I wish I could take some of the pain and headaches away for you. Just remember this is a good thing! You are taking control of your life and looking forward to not being controlled by a little tube of addiction. I’ve noticed lemons help with my cravings I enjoy the taste but I know most don’t maybe oranges of acidic fruits would help someone else. I don’t use any medications for quitting but there are so many resources out there. I don’t recommend vaping or e-cigs, I vaped for 3 years and that was harder than quitting cigarettes any day of the week!