My Daughter in California

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Aug 24, 2020

Hi, my daughter is in San Jose, California and they are just outside the evacuation zone. I am terrified for them!!

I just want them to come home.  I guess that's just being a MOM, so worried.  I also have been sick for 2 weeks.  Just a sore throat.  My own Dr. was booked up until September 30th.  I think it's time to switch Dr.'s.  I finally got up the courage today and drove across town to a Walk-in clinic, and the Dr. gave me some strong antibiotics.

Smoking was thought of today.  I have been self-isolating here at home.  I managed to get through the day without smoking.  So many others here have been through so much and didn't smoke, so why should I?  I didn't change my patch today, and the cravings have been bearable, so maybe it's time to get off of it.

If you are a praying person please pray for my daughter and family or send some positive thoughts.

Dale, how are things where you are?  I'm worried about you too!