It's worth the effort!

Blog Post created by BobbyMaynard on Aug 15, 2020

I have done many stupid things in my life and starting smoking is by far the most stupid. That makes quitting the smartest thing I've ever done. I can't believe it will be 9 years in October. Whatever it takes for you to become an ex it's worth all the effort. Even though I am 9 years older I feel much better than I did as a smoker and I am much prettier richer and smarter than I was as a smoker. Quitting is easy for some and very hard for others but whoever you are and whatever your situation you can become an ex smoker. I know it can feel as if you are giving up something but you are gaining so much more. I feel better I sleep better I have more cash in my pocket I have far less stress in my life. It may seem counterintuitive but being a smoker adds to and magnifies any stress you have in your life. This is the most important thing you can do right now for yourself and the people you love and the people that love you. You can do it! One minute one day one week at a time.