My Idiots Without A/C

Blog Post created by minihorses on Aug 15, 2020

Our A/C went out, and apparently has decided to pick up and leave town.  I live in the south. For the last few weeks we have been in the 90's with heat indexes over 100 degrees.  My 24 ft. round 56 inch depth pool is too hot to swim in! And we've had the typical southern weather: hot as hell, humid, and afternoon rain almost daily. By the time I called the A/C repair guy the house was 85. When he got here the house temp was 91 degrees. The cats have gone into keep cool mode. OK who am I kidding, they're always in energy conservation mode. This is how two of them are making the best of it.  The black one is Osbourne, or Ozzy, or the prince of darkness (or of dorkness). The gray one is the kitten we adopted from the SPCA a few months ago whose name is Panzer, or the Floof or Floof Geist. Since Panzer came home Ozzy decided to help raise him. That includes all the rotten habits they all have. We have been calling them the master and apprentice.  Like Star Wars they are the dark side, emperor and Darth apprentice. The rule of Sith is there can be only two. The master and the Darth in training. Here's what they were up to and then when it got hot in here.




Cute. A cat's only redeeming quality