That is life deal with it  

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I REMEMBER the first DAY of NOT smoking - please I am talking about ME not anyone else - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim thank you -  I was spending time here on this site and Peggy who loved horses was the leader at that time in October of 2010 - I was still smoking cigarettes and exercising and reading the BLOGS here - education is ONE of the keys - Doris would visit MY page with love graphics to encourage ME with HOPE - Peggy was a tough love elder full of WISDOM and knowledge at that TIME in 2010 - then there was JoAnne with her beautiful heart and Sunday hats ALWAYS giving away the love on how she enjoyed NON SMOKER living and Carenda who gave ME FACTS - blog by SHARING to STAY a NON SMOKER - then SUGGESTIONS came to visit site to read Joel's book for FREE - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - I read it and read it again years later - FREE - SUGGESTIONS also to watch  the EARLY DEATH video's shared by family member's FREE to HELP and HOPE some NICOTINE ADDICTS might quit and STAY living as NON SMOKERS - Bryon's EARLY DEATH video HELPED ME to admit -  I was a NICOTINE ADDICT and I thanked his wife and family e-mail them - no matter HOW i tried to STOP smoking - I SMOKE again and again and AGAIN - finally I was told by MY Ma she had a dream I died and I was told by MY sister Pat she had a dream I died so I took heed and feel to MY knees on MY kitchen floor  - I cried out to MY Lord Jesus - Dear Jesus if you don't take these cigarettes from ME - I will smoke them until I drop dead in Jesus name amen and the NEXT morning on January 6th 2011 - MY Lord Jesus gave ME a COLD TURKEY QUIT - I tried since 1988 to stop smoking - by listening to NICOTINE education panel's for FREE at hospitals - NICOTINE gum I tried - NICOTINE patches I tried and wrote a blog on that adventure - YEARS ago here on this site - I would go from 3 packs a day to 2 or 3 cigs a day and then right back to a pack a day and I would get up in morning and exercise and do MY bible studying - still trying to cut down SMOKING - at that time -  I was smoking 3 packs a day and I would think I won't get cancer - I am a born again believer and saved - boy oh boy -  was I ignorant of MY OWN DENIAL which means Dont. Even. Notice. I. Am. Lying. to MYSELF about MY OWN NICOTINE ADDICTION and what smoking did to MY body - I use to REALLY believe MY lieing so I could SMOKE and REALLY believed I was unique and a special Jesus grl - I was thinking that 12 hours of Bible study worked in a day - would save ME from CANCER - I learned that I needed to renew MY mind and habits and patterns of how I think and be responsible for MY feeling NICOTINE ADDICT thinking OLD OLD OLD - MY NICOTINE ADDICTED OLD  MINDSET - I would try AGAIN - then ONLY by God's grace -  I was watching a tv commercial by and this guy was trying to drink a cup of coffee and he kept missing his mouth - it said some things are hard to do at first when you QUIT smoking and I thought poor man - NOW TODAY - I thank God for HIS love and mercy on ME - an uneducated NICOTINE ADDICT - to be loved and blessed to discover MY solution to live a victorious NON SMOKER life from Peggy - legend aka Christine - Doris and a lady named Linda who loved her cats -  oh I am so GRATEFUL for EVERYONE here on this site and God's blessing to keep me SHARING and LEARNING and HEALING by joining ANOTHER site 365NOPE - that's life deal with it - it is ALL about change - thanks for LETTING ME be ME and YOU be YOU and TOGETHER in UNITY with ONE MINDSET -  WE will NeverTakeAnotherPuffEver over ME     430am WAKE up call for ME - loving MY NON SMOKER LIFE STYLE in MY Lord Jesus name -dealing with MY REAL life TODAY