Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jul 9, 2020

My - I wake up and thank MY God for breathing HIS life in me and I think - it is so wonderful to be NICOTINE FREE - I get up - prayer - Bible study - shower - get dressed - eat breakfast - clean house - do laundry - crochet - fix jigsaw puzzles - eat lunch - go for walks - go for ride to look at all the different color greens in nature - go food shopping - deal with MY emotions - drawing pictures - text - blog BEFORE I take that first puff - I ACCEPT and deal with MY ma in hospice 3 weeks and dealing with ALL the emotionally charged personalities of 8 sister's and 1 brother - alcohol escapism and many addictions running wild during this time of ma's suffering YET I am still so glad I ain't SUCKING ON DEATH STICKS to cope with ME and MY issues - it is wonderful to be NICOTINE FREE  - I am responsible today for ALL of ME not ANYONE else - I SHARE with MY husband remember when I smoked like a chimney - he says yes - I SHARE - I am so glad I don't smoke any more - THANK you Sootie for SHARING the fake cv19 report YOUR aunt's friend received - I AIN'T SMOKING over it - MY husband and I are so GRATEFUL to God for letting us be survivor's of cv19  - it is REAL and a very deathly germ - WE are God's MIRACLES - ONLY by his grace in OUR Lord Jesus name amen- slogans that work for ME - NeverTakeAnotherPuffEver- thanks for letting ME share