May 22 - 2020

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 22, 2020

Today - I am still waiting for MY husband to come home from hosptial - they moved him to different room and dr told him on may 19rh that he now has his second bout with cv19 - dr said they seen this happen to patient's - 12 days with cv19 then a second time with the germ cv19 - they put him on oxygen and dr and nurses and MY husband - who is in isolation - since may 17th at their hospital - today's May 22 - 2020 - HELPING MY husband fight cv19 high fever and pneumonia cv19 -  thanking God and all of YOU for YOUR prayers - TODAY is day 3 for ME no temp - MY temp is 97.4 and symptom free of cv19 - 3 DAYS symptom free to leave self quarantine - Saturday is MY freedom day- yet I cannot visit MY husband in hospital and just sharing May 22 1987 ONLY by God's grace I am sober 33 YEARS TODAY in Jesus name amen - TODAY is something - I just want MY husband healed and home in Jesus name amen