The Familiar Mile

Blog Post created by PrimeNumberJD on May 20, 2020

Let me begin by stating I have stayed quit and my disappearance was linked to keeping my quit and getting to a point I forgot I was even quitting. In a sense, I was keeping smoking fresh and alive; I was consumed by quitting! I have traveled to a point where smoking is mostly not a thought. Over this break, I've thought often of the friendships I've forged here and really wanted to check in with you great folks!


My anticipated return was triggered the other day as I completed my first 6 mile run of the year (the weather is finally turning here in the north). I was rounding the turn to my last leg of the run, which was the Familiar Mile.


Of course, I was tired, it was the longest run in nearly 6 months. Yet, when I rounded the turn I felt comforted; I've been here before. This exact point has existed run after run, time after time, and I relished in the idea that this is the familiar mile. 


I've traversed this mile in the cold, I've done it fast and I've done it slow. I've traversed this mile in the heat of the day I've done it when the sun's light went away. I've run this in the darkness of the night, even under the palest of the moonlight. This mile is so familiar to me, I could complete this in my sleep! 


It was in this mile that I remembered you and knew I had to come back. It was this mile that I thought you should know about. After all, you're in the midst of your travels and concerned with journey ahead. Or perhaps you're at the beginning of your journey, uncertain of your mettle or your ability to complete this run. You may even have completed your journey and find that you need a boost. Whatever your crossroad is that you find yourself at, look around, take it in, buckle down...for when you hit the familiar mile, there will be nothing that'll keep you down! 


Love you guys!