Today my 13 day of germ cv19

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 19, 2020

One more day of quarantine for ME - I smell smoke 2 times during MY cv19 germ sickness -  MY husband ended up in hospital on May 17th - he has cv19 left lung pneumonia - May 19th -  he is improved and being moved to another room soon to go home on this -  Wednesday - ONLY by God's grace WE made it thru cv19 germ war!!!!!! in OUR Lord Jesus name amen please I am talking about ME - thank you- MY husband's essential job will take care of all medical costs due to the FACT - WE got the germ cv19 from his job  - I thank God for all of YOU here and your prayers - I am so GRATEFUL to be healed in MY Lord Jesus - I am so grateful to be free in ONE more day - quarantine - 14 DAYS over tomorrow - thank you again for those who never gave up praying for us - the INDIVIDUAL cv19 germ varies so severely - this germ is deadly - I thank God and bless God for HIS grace n love in MY Lord Jesus name amen