Happy to report

Blog Post created by Jemoda on May 16, 2020

So as you may know, I tried r.i.p mode my quit date up a week because I ws feeling confident.  That was a total failure.  I resolved myself to stick with my original quit date which was Friday the 15th. I smoked right up the bedtime on Thursday.  In fact I chain smoked lol as much add possible so that I would really hate my cigs.  I put the patch on,  and strangely enough o am having a really easy time so far.  *knock on wood* I haven't had any real cravings, thanks to the patch- more like associations.  Oh,  I just ate,  time to smoke- oops no it's not let's do something else.  The patch is making all the difference in the we world for me, and I have different doses to wean off of that when I feel ready!@!