Waiting for test results

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 14, 2020

I have been sick since May 7th with chills upon chills low grade fever - hoping against hope it was just a cold - husband coughing seasonal allergies - so we thought - I was getting worse so I asked him to take ME to testing site YESTERDAY - they said we will know by Friday if we have cv19 - i am so miserably cold hot cold for days been sticking with chicken broth until TODAY - I actually got to eat  a little - thanks for letting ME SHARE - oh MY this is the most horribly sickness never ending i had headache for 4 days stabbing eye pain - finally tynelol rapid relief took my headache away it is a miracle my husband bought ME Tylenol pm for bed at 8pm - thanks for letting me whine i am a big baby when sick crying whinning and we are not alone his sister just got over cv19 with her husband n son they are all back to work - she works as home health aide to elderly - MY other friend n her finance got tested today sinuses carry same symptoms of cv19 so Drs say - I am so grateful WE are not alone - NOT once did i think of sucking on DEATH to COPE with life on life's terms - love Y'ALL