May 7 2020

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 7, 2020

Today I am 9 YEARS living day by day as a NON SMOKER - only by God's grace and tender mercies - TODAY 5- 7- 2020 - MY daughter is 35 years YOUNG TODAY - in the begginning of July 2015 -  she was dying of alcoholism - in January 2018 - she was in a coma from alcoholism because she was bleeding inside from all major blood vessels - long story short - God blessed ME on January 17 2019 - daughter was in an 8 day coma - HE allowed her to WAKE up -  both physically and spiritually - she is - God's grace upon grace miracle that's MY faith - I BELIEVE in MY Lord Jesus death and burial and resurrection for ME personally in MY heart - read in the Bible for YOUR self in - 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4 the gospel of Grace free gift of eternal Salvation - YOUR CHOICE to believe or NOT - just SHARING MY faith so -  please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - I didn't even think of SUCKING on DEATH STICKS - I came here and blogged for HELP and teachings and then God's grace HEALED ME inside to keep growing more and more in HIS love to HELP other's HOPE in STAYING a NON SMOKER -  no matter what -  life on life's terms will SUDDENLY hit - it did ME -  hit ME gut and punched ME in MY heart and then hit ME in MY face - all at once with full force of doom and gloom - none of MY thoughts were to use NICOTINE to get through - MY thoughts were deep darkness in MY soul and hopelessly falling into poop - SELF pity shouting -  YOUR baby girl is in a alcohol coma -  she is going to die - these were MY thoughts - but I ran to God and said MY prayer - HELP - and HE answered - HAPPY birthday - Jaime 35 years YOUNG -  TODAY and SOBER two years I celebrate ONLY by God's grace 9 YEARS of living moment by moment - due to complications from her meds that she must take to live - December 2019 -  she almost died 3 times - but God in HIS grace and tender mercies - lead the doctor's to adjust her meds and with the liver team leading the way - she is still TRYING to get on the liver transplant list - NOT YET accepted by the liver team  - ONLY by God's grace and tender mercies - her liver numbers are good and NOT once did I desire to COPE with MY life storms with sucking on DEATH STICKS - I will NeverTakeAnotherPuffEver ONLY by God's grace - and I want to say -  thank YOU to  ALL -  who prayed and loved ME and MY family through that storm of life - storm's will happen and I will - N.O.P.E. - NotTakeOnePuffEver with ALL of YOU