Self Talk

Blog Post created by nevergiveup on Apr 28, 2020

I'm sure someone else has to have had this heading before but so be it. For all I know I might have already used it...didn't check. Lol 


My middle name seems to be Restart and, that's okay. I've used my phone a friend option today. Her name is Jill aka Angel in case I haven't mentioned her here before. Although I was hoping to talk to her by phone a little later tonight it happened earlier but that too is okay because it helped. Every so often I seem to have a tendency to mentally slip into my old way of thinking. And while yes, I believe nicotine addiction is pretty darn brutal, I'm not convinced it's always the drug talking. Addiction = mental control, or lack thereof in my opinion. Simple theory, not always easy to break as with any cyclic behavior...again only my opinion.


When I crawl in bed tonight the determined me will have been smoke free for a total of three days again. Hesitant and a little embarrassed to blog but much better out than in. I've got a plan and also a little stash bag I now carry with me when I go which, right now is, pretty much to the post office cause you know, we're all living in this organized chaos of this apocalypse. Seriously though, I have at least one list of things to do instead of smoking nearby, am getting outside frequently (no cancer stick in hand) and have started walking my dog once a day. Will keep on keepin' on. Thanks for listening, as always. Yeah, I know my count is off. I'll get around to fixing it.


Quitting smoking isn't fun but it's much, much better than the mirage of lighting up the just one that no longer exists.

Grateful, thankful, blessed.   Martha