Do Not Fear 

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Apr 3, 2020


 I will NeverTakeAnotherPuffEver and SINAO - SMOKING.IS.NOT.AN.OPTION - N.O.PE - NotOnePuffEver - JUST FOR TODAY- and ONLY by God's grace - I received 3375 NON SMOKING living days- TODAY  - thank you EVERYONE here for teaching ME by YOUR examples  - Y'ALL taught ME to keep in MY HEART - an attitude of GRATITUDE -  will keep ME in the NOW constent moment of MY DAY  -  HELPING and encouraging OTHER'S -  to blog -  BEFORE -  taking that first PUFF over MYselfjust for TODAY - please choose to BLOG - I know I am POWERLESS to make any human change OR cure humans from their ADDICTION TO NICOTINE OR cause humans to SUCK ON DEATH STICKS - OR make any HUMAN to DO anything -  yet it is MY HOPE YOU would BELIEVE those with continuous YEARS living NICOTINE FREE and COPING with LIFE on life's terms and  - if - WE -  can STAY NICOTINE FREE - TOGETHER -   YOU too can CHOOSE for YOURself because -  YOU believe for YOUR self - YOUR worth NICOTINE FREEDOM - yahoooooooo -