Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Apr 1, 2020

THE battlefield is in MY MIND - please I am talking about ME -  NOT anyone else - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - I thought smoking was relaxing ME - I thought smoking kept angry words quite inside ME - I thought smoking was cool - I thought smoking helped ME to cope with MY life - I thought smoking ......the thoughts of MY OLD MINDSET of excuses could go on to Infinity - TODAY MY battlefield in MY mind is getting a proper perspective - dealing with MY feelings and reactions and choosing to respond OR just use curse words because I am to immature and lazy to structure a proper sentence to communicate as a mature adult - all this goes on in MY mind and I have NOT yet let any words come OUT of MY mouth -  YET  - the battlefield in MY MIND wrestles with medical facts - about a friend of mine who quit smoking 17 YEARS ago - and is now SUFFERING -  the consequences of lung cancer and pneumonia - and was also tested for ccv19 - the test came back NEGATIVE yesterday. - TODAY he is getting put on a ventilator - due to LUNG CANCER and pneumonia - it started a while ago in his body with a tooth infectio and the ripple effect from bacteria going into his blood from an infected tooth -  plus high blood pressure - plus diabetes - plus extreme obesity - he lives life in a wheel chair from his weight - ADDICTIONS of all sorts - but for the grace of God go I - plus bad kidneys - plus all stemming from medicine's - he has taken to live - plus with each pill - with it's side effects from each pill - put the medical FACTS not feelings TOGETHER -  for year's he has been taking them to live and NOW come to - FACTS not feelings - as each ADULT in his life the ripple effect how his life touches so many other's lives - the single mom's that tell his grandchildren age 17 13 and 11 - about their grandpa and the consequences of HIS CHOICES  - and MY battlefield -  in MY mind -  is to continue praying and thanking God for HIS love mercy and grace - asking MY Holy Spirit to teach ME - to let EVERYONE -  do their part and for ME to rest in God's plan and outcome for all individuals involved - and NOT once was MY THOUGHT of OLD addict nicotine nature - MY NEW MINDSET .- was to think of other's above MYSELF and be a BREATHE of fresh air and encourage - MY daughter's - that they are GOOD mom's and teachers to their children TODAY and. always - to BELIEVE their Dad will be ok - because HE is in God's loving hands in OUR Lord Jesus name - BELIEVE their Dad is in God's OUTCOME - amen - this NEW MINDSET of mine has been working for 9 YEARS as a NON SMOKER by MY Lord Jesus faith in ME  - ONE BREATHE AT A TIME -  for ME - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - over ME OR emphysema OR pneumonia OR a ventilator - ALL happening to MY friend in Jesus - who is MY Lord and  I BELIEVE in HIM and I TRUST in HIM and I will continue OBEY MY Holy Spirit in ME through HIM - NO MATTER WHAT