Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Mar 29, 2020

  I am crying and adapting and praying and dealing with a very sore neck and shoulder pain from new stretching dvd by Donna Flagg - she calls this STRETCHING dvd - Lastics - I been DOING it - 3 times a week - since January 2020 - then YESTERDAY -  I came and seen these WHACKA DO CHANGES here on this site AGAIN - just MY saying - on MY home page here and researched it and figured out a couple things by - GUESSING - making change. -  that I wanted on MY home page -  YET couldn't DO much - so I just logged out - I came back and read a blog by Lady G and left her a NO comment graphic - I was so cry baby ME inside - I am NOT computer savvy - I become over whelmed by NEW changes on this site - I just get ok and a little educated by learning graphic sharing and then BAMM- NEW UPDATE TO SITE - I didn't see or read any email from this site OR messages of any kind - that THEY would be DOING changes to THEIR site - YET THEY don't have to tell or ask ME anything - it is THEIR SITE NOT MINE  - THEY can DO anything THEY choose - so NOW comes - MY prayer - Dear God please HELP ME in Jesus name amen - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - I tried to update the part that says I haven't been updated 3 years - I gave up and logged off AGAIN - anyway - I am ACCEPTING better in this moment - I ate lunch and I laid down and rested - NOW I am SHARING MY immaturity at this NEW CHANGE - this site has made -  to which I admiting-  I am POWERLESS to change this site's choices and MY Holy Spirit in ME is HELPING ME to thank ALL of YOU for teaching ME to BREATHE -  3 deep breaths - blog a VENTING BLOG  - then while I am adjusting MY attitude and MY Holy Spirit in ME HELPS ME to grow up on MY insides - I am to be proud of MYSELF - accepting CHANGE as it comes  - I am grateful to MY God for HIS grace and love and tender mercy in ME to admit MY OWN defeat and admit MY immaturity and I am admitting to MY illusion of controlling this site - feeling thinking I can make THEM - do things MY way -   I am ok with their CHOICES -  to update this site anyway THEY choose - THEY OWN it and THEY want updates -  I am joy filled that I have grown up in being RESPONSIBLE for MY emotions to blog this truth about ME and NOT once did I want to suck a 50 DEATH STICKS - I am GRATEFUL - I am flexible - in accepting changes -  as THEY are happening on this site - which I do NOT own - yahooooooo -  I am a young and beautiful and living and loving - MY NON SMOKER lifestyle - I am one who knows - HOW to COPE with this SITE DOING things THEIR way and I still am willing -  to share MY truth and be OK inside of ME- I will continue to CHANGE for the better in MY HEART about ME - good OR bad OR indifferent OR just pitching a fit in one moment of MY day - I am LEARNING in MY CONSTANT of MY NOW  - because this SITE will continue to change and grow as THEY adapt to 2020 technology's FAST growing changes to STAY ON TOP and ONLY by MY God's grace - I too will be ever learning and growing and HEALING inside MY HEART in MY Lord Jesus name amen - thank YOU ALL- for letting ME share just pitching a fit