So far behind  82/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Mar 1, 2020

I was away for one day last week.  ONE day.  Not even 24 hours and yet, I am so far behind in everything.  There is a pile of mail on the desk beside me that needs to be reviewed.  I'll be working late all next week to take care orders that stacked up while I was away.  And I am, like, five blogs behind.  I am committed to getting out 90 in 90.  

As I contemplated (read that as stressed) all the work I have to do I started thinking about all the time I have lost in smoking.  

I don't just mean the accumulated hours I spent crouched in a corner of the garage puffing quickly so I didn't get caught.  I'm talking about the days of life I have lost.  I can't go back and get them.  Each cigarette cost me 7 to 11 minutes.  It adds up to around 7 to eight years.  Eight years.  

I lost my mother to the affects of smoking (and other poor lifestyle choices) 7 years ago.  Had she not smoked, she would be here now, maybe.  

It will take another 15 years to reduce the chance of heart attack or stroke back to non-smoking levels.  My sinuses may never recover.  All that precious time.

I can't quit any sooner and it's damn time to make it stick.

Keep the quit