Just For Today 

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Mar 1, 2020

Just for TODAY - I will live this DAY only by praying to MY Lord Jesus - asking to be fully present -  in this DAY only -  with EVERYONE I meet - TODAY - I will ask in MY prayer moments of this DAY-  to pay ATTENTION to EACH person speaking and pray to REALLY listen - to EACH person and to remain in thankfulness to MY Lord Jesus -  TODAY -  by breathing in and out in GRATITUDE - that HE has given ME this NEW DAY - to be in HIS love and service - by sharing MY NON SMOKER life style -  to ANYONE -  who is ADDICTED to NICOTINE - I will share MY experience strength and HOPE by listening in MY heart as MY Holy Spirit prompts MY spirit to HELP - those that - I can smell - the drug NICOTINE - on their clothes OR in their hair - when I am hugging them - I offer this support group - I share -  how I have been on this site since October 2010 by reading the BLOGS and then BECOMING an EX FAMILY member - ONE day at a time - SELF- EDUCATION - is one of the SUGGESTED - keys along with learning - HOW to COPE - with life on life's terms -  which takes TIME - it is a ONE DAY AT A TIME -  process for ME - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - MY transformed life by MY Holy Spirit in ME - ONE day at a time - I am opened minded to keep LEARNING - from other's here - who walk THEIR talk and I continue to grow by trying and making mistakes - I learn about MYSELF in MY heart - where I need to LEARN from other's how to grow up on the INSIDE of ME and to be honest with MYSELF and admit I don't know somethings and I NEED people's HELP -  to keep learning and then I continue to keep BLOGGING so everyone will know ME and how MY life HITS hard and JUST FOR TODAY - MY solution is to blog - BEFORE -  I take that first PUFF over ME - JUST FOR TODAY - I will HELP some ONE - to BELIEVE they are NOT alone and TOGETHER - WE  will say - out LOUD to ourselves - Not One Puff Ever - JUST FOR TODAY. - with MY Lord Jesus HELP and with - EVERYONE'S - HELP here and their support - by the BLOGS- they share DAY by DAY  -  TOGETHER - WE love and support EACH other and keep learning and growing and HEALING from EACH other and - for ME -  inside of ME and outside of ME - change HAPPENS - I learn that I am handling - MY NON SMOKER LIFE -  JUST FOR TODAY - by living in this moment by moment DAY- choosing to be fully present and spiritually mature as an ADULT - inside and out -  HOORAY FOR MY LORD JESUS - living BIG in ME - Thank YOU ALL for being GOOD teaches at this daily living NICOTINE FREE - JUST FOR TODAY - thanks letting ME be ME